15 Awesome Science Games for Kids

Learn Science

Here are some awesome science games that kids will not only learn from but have fun too.

1. Around the World

Anthropology is the study of what makes us human. Games can help us understand many aspects of the human experience (holism). There is an academic subfield that specializes in anthropology through games.

2. Static electricity balloon race

The materials one would need are a can and a balloon per child. Using these tools, they will learn about static electricity while having fun!

3. Build Cinderella’s carriage

This game allows kids to use their imagination and innovation! This game allows kids to build, decorate, and race carriages. It’s a great game for kids to learn about kinetic and potential energy.

4. Water cycle dice games

This is a dice game that allows kids to learn how the earth’s water system works. This is a multiplayer game, so be sure there is more than one player to join the fun.

5. Circulation game

This game lets players move blood cells, food, and waste tokens throughout the body. The team that delivers or disposes of all their tokens first wins the game. Learn more about the human body here

6. Elements crossword

The elements crossword puzzle is a chemistry game that is easy to create/print. Just print it out and allow your child to play while they learn the elements.

7. Playdough color mixing and matching game

What better way for kids to learn about primary and secondary colors other than play dough. During this learning experience, the children will mix play dough and match it to objects they find around the house.

8. Just How Big Were Dinosaurs?

Dinosaurs. Teach kids the length of dinosaurs with this measuring activity. Have the kids guess how many of their own footprints they would be able to fit inside a dinosaur footprint. They can also guess how many lengths of their own body would fit the total length of a dinosaur.

9. Guess the can

Teach kids about sound energy with the can learning game! The game is rather simple. Put a variety of types of objects in cans, cover the cans so they can’t see what’s inside them, and let kids guess what’s inside.

10. Solar updraft tower

Have the kids make solar updraft towers! Have children make their own towers in different ways by using multiple materials and methods.

11. Astronaut Space Box Game

Kids will wear astronaut gloves to experience what it feels like to use their hands while wearing these crazy gloves. Fill a box with small objects such as cups and marbles. Have the child interact with these items while wearing kitchen gloves! Kids will learn to use fine motor skills while imagining what it might feel like to work in space.

12. Planetary bingo

Use Bingo cards with planets for a game of memory and fun. This game allows kids to gain the knowledge and names of planets.

13. Food chain game

This game is a cool way to learn about how energy flows through the ecosystem. To set up the game, cut out pictures of organisms using free printable images and let the kids learn about different food chains. For more food learning, learn about food titration.

14. Tug of war

Teach kids about friction and how it works through a game of tug of war! Use groups of children to play against each other learning about physics and friction.

15. Walking on Eggs

Kids can discover how the shape of an egg can make it strong enough to support the weight of a person. This may take a few tries and a few dozen eggs. Have the children walk across rows of raw eggs to show that when eggs are in a certain position, they become stronger than other positions they are laid in.

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