What Is the GMAT Exam?

The GMAT, or Graduate Management Admission Test, is an entrance exam used by business schools to determine if a high school or undergraduate student is ready to enter business school or where they could go. The GMAT lasts about three and a half hours and includes a wide range of essential components. The exam assesses the skills relevant to the business world, especially when it comes to reasoning. Students can register for the GMAT online and attend proctored test centers worldwide, especially in the United States.

The unique thing about the GMAT exam is that each section will begin with a question that is considered “average” difficulty. The subsequent questions will vary in difficulty rather than steadily increasing difficulty. If an answer to a question is correct, a problematic question will usually follow. If a solution is incorrect, then a more straightforward question will usually follow. Variability can make the test somewhat unpredictable. 

The GMAT is often compared to the GRE, but the two tests are quite different. The GMAT was created precisely for business school and prospective business students, while the GRE is for general applications across graduate schools. Just as well, the verbal section of the GRE is considered more complicated than the GMAT version. The GMAT’s quantitative section is also harder than the GRE’s similar section.

What Is on the GMAT Test?​ 

The GMAT exam is in four different sections. The first section involved analytical writing and assessed an individual’s ability to think critically and communicate well.

The second section is an integrated reasoning section, which displays how well a student can analyze different data types and interpret information visualized in various formats.

The third section is a quantitative reasoning section, which identifies if a student has decent mathematical computation skills and overall math literacy.

The last section of the GMAT exam is the verbal reasoning section, which identifies reading and writing comprehension skills and editing capabilities.

Students taking the GMAT can choose which section to start in without following a specific path through the test. Test takers will receive five different scores when they complete the GMAT exam.

GMAT Graduate Management Admission Test

How to Study for the GMAT

The best way to start studying for the GMAT is to take a mock test online. Doing so will give you an idea of where you are and which areas of study you will need to focus on the most. Be sure to study each of the test sections and keep each in mind throughout your study timeline. We recommend starting to prepare for the exam about six months in advance of the test date. Before the actual exam, we also recommend taking the official preparation exam to prepare yourself further. There are plenty of free practice starter kits, mock exams, practise sheets, and other educational materials related to the GMAT exam online. The MBA also offers a few different study plans that you can follow for more structure as your prepare for your test date.


Business schools designed the GMAT for other business schools and students. The exam is designed to assess the skills that are relevant to business school and subsequent careers. Based on one’s GMAT scores, admissions teams will determine if a student is ready to attend business school and take on a graduate program—hundreds of thousands of business school prospective students that the test each year.

In general, a score between 650 and 690 on the overall GMAT exam is considered good. Elite business schools will often require a score of 700 or higher to receive admission.

In the United States, the GMAT exam will cost about $250 to take. If one wants additional score reports to send to prospective schools, that will be an additional $175. Students can also take a preparation course for $349 before the actual exam.

Anyone can take the GMAT exam, though it is mainly for undergraduates and high school students preparing to enter college. A parent or legal guardian must provide a signed permission slip for individuals under eighteen to take the test.

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How Do I Become a GMAT Tutor?

If you have a passion for teaching others and love GMAT, becoming a GMAT tutor is easy. You need a minimum of a high school degree or GED to start teaching kindergarten and middle school grade levels. You may need a degree in a specialist subject for higher-level GMAT courses depending on the level of practice you plan to teach. The costs of GMAT tutors vary because you will set your pay rates and time schedules depending on your own experience and circumstances.

Your first step will be to decide which topics you’d like to tutor. Then choose the age groups and grade levels you want to teach. Learn the curriculum and critical concepts for those grade levels. And lastly, establish your teaching methods, tools, and eventually, you will create your own course materials over time as you get more experience working with students.

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