Interview With Math Tutor Agrey

In this podcast you will learn:

👉The problem with Math is the way it is taught 👉The best way to start a math class 👉How Mr. Numbers coaches his math athletes 👉Some tips and tricks for learning Math 👉Why teaching is so enjoyable 👉Misconceptions about math being hard 👉Great tool for teaching Math

How Best To Start A Math Class

Make the student believe what you are ggoing to teach him or her is very simple.

It’s like when you’re into the class, attend the students like laugh. You can laugh because whatever we are to start today, it’s very simple. It’s the kind of inspiration to the students are getting work that like, what are we going to start today? And our teachers saying that this is very simple.

So even if there are parts which are difficult within, if you begin by telling them this is going to be simple, they just believe this is simple. My first trick is to make them believe what they are going to be told is very simple. 

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