Interview With Math Tutor Agrey

In this podcast you will learn:

👉The problem with Math is the way it is taught 👉The best way to start a math class 👉How Mr. Numbers coaches his math athletes 👉Some tips and tricks for learning Math 👉Why teaching is so enjoyable 👉Misconceptions about math being hard 👉Great tool for teaching Math

How Best To Start A Math Class

Make the student believe what you are going to teach him or her is very simple.

It’s like when you’re into the class, attend the students like laugh. You can laugh because whatever we are to start today, it’s very simple. It’s the kind of inspiration to the students are getting work that like, what are we going to start today? And our teachers saying that this is very simple.

So even if there are parts which are difficult within, if you begin by telling them this is going to be simple, they just believe this is simple. My first trick is to make them believe what they are going to be told is very simple. 

Interview With Math Tutor Agrey AKA Mr. Numbers

Imagine for a moment that Math is easy! That changes everything, doesn’t it?

If you’ve ever believed the opposite you’re not alone. Many students struggle with the idea of doing Math. When they first start working with Award Winning Math Tutor Agrey they have it in their minds that Math is hard, scary and they’ve learned to hate it.

It doesn’t take long for Tutor Agrey, who students affectionately call Mr. Numbers to share his love of learning and Math with them. Soon his students feel a sense of relief when they realize for the first time that Math is simple, and it’s even fun.

Tutor Agrey has a way of working with students in the classroom and through online tutoring that empowers them.  He shows them that they can master their most challenging subjects, like Math and Science, achieve higher grades, and even develop stronger beliefs in themselves.

His favorite subject is Math and he’s turned his passion for it into helping others and changing the world. He believes that everyone can do Math.

Award Winning Math Tutor Agrey S. 


Tutor Agrey of Arusha, Tanzania is a University Of Dodoma graduate with a BSc (Math and Science). He speaks English and Swahili. He teaches Mathematics and Science in several schools and online tutoring to students in many other countries. He’s Head of the Mathematics Department at Haradali Winners Secondary School. He is a Bronze Medal winner in the Open Math Competition. 


Agrey is a TutorOcean Vetted Tutor. He’s dedicated to showing the world how Math and Science help people enjoy life! He’s helped students all over the world get better at subjects like Math and Science. His reach extends to countries like Canada, Australia, the United States of America, and Venezuela. His methodology focuses on teaching Math and Science skills in practical real-life situations.

We’re pleased to share our interview with TutorOcean—Tutor Agrey, aka Mr. Numbers. He shares great tips about Math, learning, and life! In this interview we chat about:

👉The problem with Math 

👉The best way to start a math lesson

👉Mr. Numbers coaches math athletes 

👉Math tips and tricks

👉Why Tutor Agrey enjoys teaching

👉A big myth about Math 

👉A great Math tool

The Problem With Math

Of course, Mr. Numbers’s favorite subject is Mathematics. It wouldn’t have been if he held onto a preconceived notion that many students begin with. There’s an idea out there that Math is hard, and it’s only for smart people. That’s not true.

Experience has shown Tutor Agrey that one of the biggest problems with Math is the way it’s being taught.  When teachers approach subjects like Math with a mundane attitude and lead with the idea that it’s complicated, students shut down.

It’s difficult for students to grasp concepts. The lessons are complicated and confusing and hard to relate to. The problem with Math is that students think it’s hard and that it’s dull. 


Tutor Agrey says the opposite. He shows his students that Math is simple and fun! Tutor Agrey has an approach that starts with the idea that Math is simple, and he helps students visualize and experience Math problems in real-life situations and examples. 

The Best Way to Start a Math Lesson


Students believe what the teachers believe. Tutor Agrey believes in all his students and begins his lesson with the number one game-changing statement.

“What I’m about to teach you is very simple.” 


He sees a shift in the students as they’re inspired for whatever comes next. They feel as though they can handle anything and they’re open to the idea that the lesson will be simple. 


Students build a belief in themselves. 

How Mr. Numbers Coaches Math Athletes

Tutor Agrey is an award-winning competitive Math professional. He supports his students who have the same drive to participate in mathematical tournaments.

In our interview, Tutor Agrey shares with us about his student who competed in the Tanzania—International Math Olympiad. His student then went to The International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO). This is the World Championship Mathematics competition for high school students and it’s held annually in a different country each time. 

Supporting students to develop the confidence to challenge themselves in this way is important for Tutor Agrey. Just as he’s built his courage to tutor individuals from all over the world, he encourages his students to take on challenges and develop their sense of bravery.

It’s an example of how a subject like Math is connected to the outcome of one’s life. Students can shift the way they think about Math problems, they learn to love Math and adapt these skills to lead a life they love too. 

Math Tips and Tricks

Tip 1: Simplify


Tutor Agrey teaches to simplify, simplify, simplify. A great Math tip is to break things down in the smallest and most understandable way.

Example: In geometry to find the slope, it helps to come up with a story. What is a slope, can you visualize it, the steepness of it?


Taking a Math concept and turning it into something visual or tangible makes learning fun and not forced. Students get to explore Math in creative ways and when they’re having a good time they get the answer faster. 


Students can listen to the story and then apply what they learn.

Tip 2: Plan Ahead


Parents who want to help their children develop lifelong learning should plan ahead. Tutor Agrey recommends looking ahead to see what the student will know the following year. Before class begins they can develop their skills to see where they get stuck.

Working with a family member or a tutor helps to see the struggles and develop the skills so they have confidence when the actual lessons begin. 

Why Teaching Is So Enjoyable

It’s clear to see that Tutor Agrey loves teaching Math. We asked him what it is about teaching that is so enjoyable. His way of thinking is profound not only for teaching Math but for leading life as well.

Tutor Agrey believes that when he teaches Maths it changes the world. He helps people develop the joy of Math and through his lessons shows the world how Math and Science help people to enjoy life. He’s teaching students to shift the way they think about Math, to show them they can love it and that they can use the skills they learn to lead a life they love. 


He says, “A teacher will touch your heart, your mind, and your soul.”

When a student experiences a sense of relief because they understand the lesson will be easy, their heart is touched. When a student connects what they learn in Math to the world around them, it touches their soul. And, when a student asks “when will I use what I’ve learned” and begins thinking of future possibilities and aspirations, it sparks the mind. 

Math Isn’t Hard

The idea that Math isn’t hard may go against everything you’ve been taught. Tutor Agrey believes the idea that it’s hard is the biggest misconception many students have about Math.


Students come to class believing it’s going to be difficult. A teacher may even set up with the misconception in mind. When a teacher pre-determines if a student will succeed or not, they often get what they believe. 

Tutor Agrey says, “Everyone can learn.” The mind is open. A teacher who expects competence in every learner, helps every student achieve more.

When a student is feeling low, a teacher shares their belief or disbelief with the student. This can set a student and a teacher up for failure. Instead of leading with the misconception that Math is hard, Tutor Agrey says to lead with the idea that the lesson will be simple. Start with fun and it all transpires with ease. 


When a teacher believes, the student believes. 

A Great Tool For Learning Math

Tutor Agrey recommends using the environment and real life all around as inspiration to learn math concepts. When a student visualizes the problem they understand it better. 


Creating a visual and experiential learning environment in this way is key for students to succeed in Math. It’s about showing and telling a story. Students can listen and enjoy the lesson. It turns Math into a fun engaging experience. Then, the student can apply what they’ve learned. The understanding happens naturally. 


It’s clear to see that Tutor Agrey is creating change in the world. One student at a time he’s supporting them to achieve their goals in Math and other subjects. More than this, he’s supporting them to develop a lifelong belief in themselves.

Tutor Agrey’s approach to teaching combined with his academic and professional successes is a benefit to all of his students and their families. His students rate him highly for helping them to develop their Math skills and improve their grades, and because he shows them Math is easy! 


Working with a Tutor like Tutor Agrey helps students get better grades. Online tutoring makes accessing help in every subject easy. Visit to learn more. 

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