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Benefits Of 1-1 Private Tutoring

Improves Grades

Studies show that the best way to increase academic performance is with a live tutor. There is no shortage of tutees who testify that this is a fact for them. ‘I owe to my tutor much of my professional development’ recounts one teacher educator. 


Reduces a Student’s Stress

Students fear bad reactions when they get an answer wrong. Private 1-1 tutoring gives them a “safe space” where they can try, fail, and try again. Successes from each session build on each other and the student gains confidence. With that confidence, the student becomes a better learner. Being in a better situation reduces the stress that they feel.


Increases Your Chance Of A Better Live

Education is one of the best investments because you will never lose what you learn, and you can become a high earning knowledge worker.

It's Easy To Provide 1-1 Private Tutoring To Your Tribe

We have a turnkey program designed for you. You pay only for tutoring services that you use. And you only need to provide your tribes with an email that has instructions. They can use the link in the email to access 4,000+ vetted tutors who specialize in courses they are taking.  The students make a plan with their tutor by chatting with them. This includes when and where they will meet. Between sessions they stay in touch with the free TutorOcean chatting app. The tutoring hours they use are prepaid upfront from your tutoring budget. When the students need more hours, your school will gets billed to top up tutoring hours. This way. You can keep the tutoring in your budget and only use what do you need.  Put your email in the box to see a demo design for your tribe.

What’s included in your program?

Dedicated World-Class Support

Our customer support team is always available to help answer any questions.

Virtual Classroom with Whiteboards

Every session includes access to our industry-leading virtual classroom software with video conferencing and whiteboards.

Customizable Plans

Flexible pricing plans for teams of all sizes – contact us below to discuss your desired solution.