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5 Ways Tutors are Better Than Courses

Studying under the tutelage of our expert GMAT tutors is more effective than taking a GMAT course for the following reasons: #1: GMAT Courses do not cater to individual needs In a course, the same

How to Make an Error Log

As part of any good study plan, you should be completing and reviewing practice tests on a weekly basis, starting with the first week of your studying! It is absolutely vital that you complete a

Critical Thinking

How to Approach Critical Reasoning Questions

Here is a tried and true process for approaching critical reasoning questions: Categorize Start by reading the question stem to determine the question type (i.e. Weaken, Strengthen, etc..). Your strategy will depend solely on the

How to Write an AP Latin Essay

The free-response section of the AP exam has three parts to it: translation, short answer questions, and an analytical essay comparing two passages that may come from the Aeneid, Caesar’s De Bello Gallico (DBG), or both. Of

Exam Prep Made Easy by an English Writing Specialist

The thought of an upcoming exam can be stressful, but there are great preparation tips that will reduce anxiety and help you remember more. The good thing about exams is that it provides students with

Decoding the Assignment Question

“What am I being asked to do?” During my online tutoring and classroom teaching career, this has been and still is one of the most frequently asked questions – students often do not know what

Grade 7 Lesson: Simplification of Linear Expressions

SUBJECT: Algebra TOPIC: Expressions LESSON: Linear Expressions PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE: Students can add, subtract, multiply or divide numbers. Students can add or subtract elements in a set. TEACHING AIDS: A chart with some pre-written exercises to

Great Strategies to Help Any Student Ace the Act

Whether you have a day, a week, a month or a year, there are some great strategies out there to prepare for the ACT. The math section measures your accuracy and efficiency. Thus, if you

Online Tutoring | Traditional to Transglobal

Tutoring online may seem daunting at first, but there’s nothing to be afraid of; it can be just as, or even more, beneficial than in-person tutoring. With user friendly features in the TutorOcean classroom such

What Is a Tutor?

Thanks for checking out TutorOcean! You may be wondering, what is a tutor? How can I benefit? Worry no more, and keep on reading… Tutoring is dated way back to Ancient Greece, where it was

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