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Sour Dough Picture

The Science Behind the Perfect Dough

While the kitchen is very different from the controlled environment of the scientific laboratory, there is chemistry, biochemistry, and physics behind crafting the ideal baked good. Flour is the central ingredient used in baking cakes,

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7 Debunked Myths About Working as a Tutor

There are quite a few myths out there about becoming a tutor. This is unfortunate because there is quite a substantial need for tutors in today’s world. Typical schooling may not be enough to help

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A Close Up on the Atom

The composition of matter is an important chemistry topic. Atoms and molecules make up the world around us. Everything is composed of invisible, indestructible atoms. Atoms are so small that they are invisible to light

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How to see language learning as a joy, not a chore

I’m absolutely crazy about languages, and when I don’t have the opportunity to actually travel, immersing myself in a new language is the next best thing. I wasn’t always dreaming in French and slinging Italian

Titration and Food Chemistry Techniques

Titration and Food Chemistry Techniques Titration is a familiar laboratory technique for general chemistry students. There are many different types of titration, including acid/base titration, reduction/oxidation titration, precipitation titration, and complexometric titration. As an analytical