The Story of the Box Plot

Box Plot

The word box plot always reminds me how to organize things and how to achieve the goal of success for any object. So, let’s have a look at the 5 objectives that really keep the box plot well organized. When we learn the concept number line in math it looks interesting to keep the numbers in an increasing order or identify the number given on a number line. So, constructing a box plot is not very different, it is almost the same. Before we go ahead and arrange the values in the order of a box plot, let me take a tour of listing and explaining them. Here is the 5 number summary that we present on a number line to construct a box plot.

1.  Minimum value

2.  First quartile (Q1)

3.  2nd quartile or median (Q2)

4. 3rd quartile (Q3)

5. Maximum value

Before we talk about the 5 essentials listed. The fore most important thing is we need to arrange the given data set in an increasing order. That is arranging the numbers from smallest to biggest. Now let me explain each of the 5 essentials we spot on a number line to construct box plot.

  1. Minimum value:  This value is the first value of the sorted data points. The data set starts with minimum value to arrange in an increasing order.
  2. First quartile (Q1):  This is also called the 25th percentile. This explains to us that Q1 is located at first quarter of the data set. So, we can say it is the median or the middle value of the lower half of the data set.
  3. 2nd quartile or median (Q2): This is the centre of attraction of the box plot because it is located in the middle of the box of box plot. Also, this is the mid value of the data set which divides the data set equally in to two halves.
  4. Third (3rd) quartile (Q3): This is also called the 75th percentile. So, we locate this value as the median of the upper half of the data set.
  5. Maximum value:  Alike the word, this is the last value and the highest value of the data set, which is easy to identify.

Once we have all these values ready, we just mark them on a number line and make the box plot. The well-organized display of things and a que arranged according to heights, and many more things in day-to-day life, follow the decent arrangement of box plot. The final gesture of box plot looks like this.

I hope this helps you during your online learning for math. It is recommended to do practice tests before an exam.

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