Six Tips to Learn French Language

To learn the French language, the aspect that we always ignore that must be the most important of all:


As an online French tutor, I can’t come to you and say: “This is your level! Let’s start to learn!!!”


So to avoid this frustrating case, I advise you to prepare your mind, motivate your brain with the following tips based on my own experience as a brother, a learner, and a teacher.

TIP #1: BE & BE

Be confident and you will be fluent

Be & Be means a lot at first because nothing can be done without self-confidence! Self-confidence is the most important thing when you want to learn and speak the French language. Researching self-confidence tips can help you when learning a new language.  So be a challenger and ignore all the negative ideas that are spinning in your mind that tell you: “It’s a tough language! You will not be able to speak it fluently like natives!”

So tell to these ideas your mind strength by being confident in your abilities and focus on this idea: “As long as I have a tongue in my mouth, I can speak my language which I love to learn!”


Passion & Patience:

For you and only you! These two qualities are required in the learning process. At first, wanting to learn French is often to have a new skill for many goals in our life: studies, work, travel…

But the motor of learning is always the same, passion, the love that we have for this wonderful language to the point where we want to master it in its smallest details.
At times, the motor is not enough to start up, we need fuel! So the motor is PASSION and its fuel is PATIENCE!

We need it to persevere in order to learn and improve ourselves, we need to jump the barriers of the learner’s road to arrive at the destination of “Welcome to the Speak Fluently Station.”


Method is better than Memory

So let’s talk a bit about the methods in learning the French language. I said that one of your goals is to speak fluently, but how? You have to ask this question to yourself and reply!

The answer must be the METHOD. The big mistake that we always make is to memorize vocabulary lists/ grammar rules/ conjugations tables… Basics are good but not good enough!

What you need is a method to use them. Do not register like a machine all of these lists/rules/tables… You have to define situations of specific conversations about common topics and use your basics and try your best to improve that. So here we can say that the method is much better than memory. Go with your instinct, the most important thing to know is how to use your basics and improve them. 


False means True!

Always remember, we learn from our mistakes even the biggest ones! Don’t be afraid to make some and more. Don’t be shy and terrified of your mistakes. We are human we have made mistakes and we will make more.

I want to expose this morality in the learning process of the French language:
We have to draw conclusions. The most famous conclusion is, we learn from our mistakes. 
Let me share this anecdote about me:
“Aller” is an irregular verb, I call him the ghost of my childhood.
So to conjugate him in present, many times I say: je alle, tu alles, il alle…
Which is of course: false!
So for use him I learned this phrase: Je vais à l’école…
and the second step was: tu vas… il va….
and my method was to divide him into three cases:
1st one: Je vais/ Tu vas/ Il*Elle va
2nd case: Nous allons/ Vous allez
3rd case: Ils*Elles vont
After that, I never made a mistake about this verb!


Reading loves forever speaking

Here we are talking about the two most important skills in learning the French language, reading, and speaking. This attached couple that has been together since birth and dedicated to eternal love will not separate as long as there is a French-language on earth… Since I was a kid, I have made this couple my friends!

I advise you to do like me and also approach first “Reading” because it’s the coolest one of the two, the more accessible and it will give you a good appreciation with “Speaking” the deeper one, the more imposing one.

Example: I have read (THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA) in French translation and I’ve learned much more to speak about seas/ Fishman/ feelings/ descriptions… so read and speak, don’t separate them and you will fall in love with the language.


Fun & Serious

For the final tip, I decided to call it “the movie” to give you an idea of the
entertainment in the learning process. I think you got the pun!

I kept the best tip for the end because everything goes through pleasure and enjoyment. So take a good dose of pleasure in your learning process while being serious.

After all this, I hope from the bottom of my heart that all these tips can serve you like me, they are the result of my experience in self-dedicated learning and a study journey worthy of a man who had started from zero to master one of the most beautiful languages in the world and speak it with pride and make it his main job.n

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