Creating Opportunities for Senior Citizens to Pass on Their Knowledge and Create Valuable Connections Online

Connected seniors are happier, healthier, more active seniors.

Senior Citizen Language Exchange Program

Why a Senior Learning Exchange Program?

Seniors are more isolated than ever. At the same time, exchange students have lost the opportunity to study abroad and are looking for ways to receive the same cultural experience while learning a new language.

TutorOcean wants to increase social interactions for seniors by giving them an easy and accessible way to teach their language online and create connections with exchange students unable to study abroad.

What’s in it for you?

Combat Isolation

Many senior citizens are feeling isolated in care facilities and nursing homes with a lot of time to offer, while student exchanges are often expensive and not affordable for many students. By supporting senior tutors with access to simple technology solutions, students can more easily practice learning a new language.

Intergenerational Learning

This program is focused less on traditional classroom teaching, as many of the elderly tutors are not classical teachers. Instead, informal conversations are had, like having a tea and snack with a friend, where you learn how to have real-life conversations and gain confidence in learning a new language.

Supplemental Income Earning

While many of our senior tutors are not driven by money, some enjoy the flexibility of earning additional income to help supplement their limited income. By setting their own schedule and rates, our senior tutors have the ability to work when they want, as much as they want. Flexible, accessible jobs suitable for seniors can be difficult to find, making tutoring the perfect alternative!

Company employee learning about accounting in the TutorOcean online classroom

What’s included in your program?​

Dedicated World-Class Onboarding and Support

Our customer support team helps onboard our senior tutors with real people who are always available to help answer any questions.

Virtual Classroom for Easy Conversations

Every session includes access to our industry-leading virtual classroom software with video conferencing and whiteboards.

Student-Teacher Matching

We match our seniors and students using our expert matching system, encouraging positive relationships that go beyond tutoring.

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