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30+ Music Terms for Beginner Piano Players

Learning music of any kind is a challenging and very fun experience. Whether you’re a novice learner or an advanced student, it always helps to have a guide on hand to common musical terms. Not

15 Music Facts That Are Sure to Rock Your World

1. The First Instrument Ever Made What do you think the first instrument ever is? The answer… The simple flute! Starting out as hollowed-out pieces of wood, bone, and ivory with holes, flutes can be

Best Math Tutor Blog

How to Find the Best Math Tutor Online (FAQs)

Are you looking for a new math tutor? Selecting the right match can be a difficult process, especially when it comes to comparing rates and finding the kind of tutor that matches your learning style.

15 Fun Geography Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

1. Countries with other countries in them They’re not technically part of the countries they’re in, but they are located within them! There are three in total across the world: The Vatican within Italy, San

Future Online Learning Blog Header

The Future of Education is Online, or is it?

For many countries, COVID-19 has forced the largest remote learning experiment in history.  Policymakers and elected officials were faced with making big decisions in very short periods of time that will have long-lasting implications on

Deck of Math Cards Blog Header

A card game that replaces 100s of math worksheets

Ensuring your children have a strong grasp of core math fundamentals is key to their success. Math is a subject that is truly constructed by learning the earlier concepts that get built on top of.

Learning Math Online Blog Header

5 Ways for Students to Learn Math Online Digitally

Digital tools and online platforms can be massively beneficial when it comes to helping students internalize and visualize various difficult math concepts. Just as well, keeping up with one’s math skills can be difficult to

math multiplication tools blog header

7 Awesome Math Tools to Help Learn Multiplication Tables

For children just learning multiplication or older students who need to brush up on their times table skills, memorizing multiplication tables can be quite difficult and tedious. Multiplication can be a tough math skill to

Using sports to teach math

How to use Sports to Teach Math to Kids

Learning math can be quite a difficult process. Luckily, learning math online or with a coach could make it much easier. If your child is struggling to match learning styles with their teacher or to

Teaching Reading Online Blog Header

How to Teach Reading to Students Online

Since the pandemic of 2020, one of the most dramatic system-wide changes has occurred in education. For the first time in history, most children were introduced to learning online for the first time. Teachers had

Abstract illustration of a father and son

How Remote Learning Can Help Families

The pandemic has brought in some new realities. Baking, Zillow surfing, going through your timeline from a decade ago and wondering what you were thinking, spending two awkward minutes saying “bye” to end Zoom meetings,

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