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Round Up 2022: College Party Ideas, Themes, And Trends

Feeling “disconnected” during your college years is a damn shame.  Humans are social animals and loneliness affects many students.


Party Theme Parties Round Up 2022 🕺

Call me your Party Tutor because you need party theme ideas and I’ve got the article for you. We’ve got all the popular college or graduation party ideas from the internet and put them in a list right here. We’re talking about the best party theme ideas and going away to college party ideas for 2022. We want you to be able to shout “I THREW THIS PARTY IN 2022!” 

The Disney Party

 Disney is in cultural DNA of the west. Embrace this cultural phenomenon by dressing up as your favorite Disney  character. If people aren’t keen on dressing up then et together for a sleepover and watch Disney flicks? It’s a simple theme but it’s gaining a lot of steam because almost everyone appreciates Disney. Plus the number of characters under Disney’s umbrella is larger than ever before. This theme now extends to Star Wars, Marvel, and more. It’s so flexible, everyone will be happy!

The Nostalgia Party

 Also known as “decades parties,” these parties are all about representing a generation. For example, Generation X grew up from the 70s to mid 80s. Think hippies and disco, Glamorous long hair, early metal and hip hop. The clothes were often bright. Neon green and pink were popular at the time. Did I mention the hair was voluminous?

The 90s leaned on the back-to-basics look of “grunge”. There’s  plenty of flexibility in each “era” of time to allow people to express themselves! Nostalgia is super popular nowadays. Take a look at the most popular TV shows and movies. They are always featuring references to the past. It’s even got to the point of full-blown remakes of older works.

The Anything But Clothes (ABC-1) Party

ABC Party 1. This is a very common party theme. ABC short for “Anything But Clothes'”. That means, unless you want to show up naked, you will have to craft your own clothes. Not any clothes, but from items that are not considered “cloth”. An ABC party is great if everyone is comfortable with each other. You’ll be getting creative here, making a toga out of duct tape or a shirt out of a paper bag. A garbage bag with a hole for the head and arms is an easy way to go. That idea won’t earn you as much kudos as a deck of cards strung together to make a dress. This lets people express their creativity while also being a little spicy. It’s your youth: celebrate it!

The Anything But Cups (ABC-2) Party

Short for “Anything but cups”. Challenge your guests to not put cups for their beverage of choice. This will call for some out-of-the-box thinking. Watering cans, spray bottles, soap dispensers, jerry cans, sauce pan. Anything that can hold a drink and get the job done but is NOT a cup!

The Anything But Humans (ABC-3) Party

 “Furries” and other anthropomorphic themes are more popular than ever before. Think Pokemon and Animal Crossing. For people who grew up on these games this is the theme for their 2022 graduation party.. In short, the party goers will dress up as, well, anything but a human. Usually, this means an animal but it can also be a building, alien, or even some sort of abstract theme. Once again, creativity is key!

The High School Stereotypes Party

In 2022 we are more self-aware than ever before, and we are breaking down a ton of barriers. Let’s do a goodbye party to your teenage years by smashing those stereotypes. You know, like the rest of society has been doing? The traditional model of jocks, nerds, geeks, motorheads, etc. is fading fast. People are more flexible than ever before. Let’s laugh about the absurdity of the the old ways by leaning into these old-fashioned styles. People get to flex their creativity. You could even introduce some sarcastic or lighthearted roleplay into it. What kind of stereotype will you be?

The Rock/Metal Theme Party

It’s getting to the point where Rock is “nostalgic”, much like we look back at Big Band music or Jazz. Rock and metal music are falling out of favor in parts of the West in favor of EDM and Hip Hop. We love both genres! But it’s undeniable that this trend has been growing. Since the last mainstream era of rock, Nu Metal/Post-Grunge, back in the early 2000s.  What better way to hold on to such a great genre of music than to theme a party around it? Blast that heavy music, bring guitars, play Guitar Hero on your old Xbox 360. Embrace a style that will come back into fashion soon!

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The Y2K/Millenium Bug/End Of The World Party

@alysilverio last year I threw a #y2k party for my 26th bday. I think I should make it an annual thing??? #2000s #foryou #BestThingSince #y2kchallenge #2000skids ♬ Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield

For all you Gen Z kids out there, why not make fun of the boomers and gen Xers who thought that the world was going to end in 1999? Let’s all parody now ridiculous mass hysteria can be! How might you go about doing this? One way is to pretend it’s New Years Eve of the year 2000. Start with a decade/era party and play music from 1999/2000 (See our list). Whip out the N64 from your father’s basement, and get your new millennium on! Do a big count down for the end of the world at midnight. Sigh a big sigh of relief at 12:01 AM when you all see the Y2K scare was for nothing.

The Dorm Room Party

Going away to college? This is the party for you – it’s a great ice breaker. When you get to your college throw a party in your dorm room. This will be a small party since Dorms are pretty small. In a way this makes your part exclusive and more attractive. As the host you will select the few goers. You’ll develop close bonds with those who do come and they will appreciate that you chose them to come! It’s a little risky, of course, and we recommend first asking permission to have a party. anything against the law or your college’s policies. Be safe!

The Frat Party

Fraternities or “frats” are institutions that have stood the test of time. Even today, the “frat party” is as relevant as ever. A lot of Colleges have a range of fraternities and sororities that you may be able to join. Here’s the wikipedia list of Greek-Letter Fraternities. Find a fraternity that you may want to join? Look at their specific wikipedia page or website. Give it a shot and apply. Even if you are in a frat group of top students, you can still get your partying on – in moderation, of course. Friendships from fraternities  last.  Frat Parties are a reason why. In a party, you’ll expose yourself to a lot of people. Letting our personality shine through is great way to bond.  Remember you are young and these connections that could last well into your career. Let your guard down, of course, but don’t do anything TOO regretful at these events! If you’re of legal drinking age, expect there to be a lot of alcohol consumed at these events – keg and all.

The Meme Party

This could fall under a theme party, but we wanted to give it its own section because of the relevance of the theme. Memes define our times. Richard Dawkins coined the  term as a “gene for culture”. People don’t think of this that way, but the fact is that everyone shares “memes” daily. Even our parents share memes without realizing it. We’re surrounded by this new form of bite-sized culture and humor. Memes are fun to share, make, and dissect, so why not have a party centered on them?


The Anime Cosplay Party

Let’s face it, Anime is more popular than ever before. It used to be a niche but now all college students have grown up on classic anime shows. Naruto, Pokemon, Cowboy Bebop, and so many more. Why not embrace the times and go full-blown “weeb” with your party? Bunny girls, bunny boys, cat girls, short skirts… Some times that’s what people want, but as a host its your responsibility to keep an eye on safety. There are plenty of cosplay ideas for college goers. Role playing or  “cosplay” might be the key for some to break out of their comfort zone and even dispel (or confirm!) classic stereotypes about “weeb culture.” Turn your college campus into Limsa Lominsa from Final Fantasy XIV!

The Basement/Music Bashes Party

This is perfect if you haven’t gone away to college yet and have a friend with a furnished basement. It’s a good choice if you’re worried about violating campus rules at your college. Involve an indie band by getting them to play. They will love the exposure, especially if you let them sell their merchandise. Garage bands “fit” into that a cramped environment. Be safe out there and don’t drink if you’re underage!


Apply the same idea to outdoor college parties. The difference is you’ll make a giant concerts and may even feature activism. College students are “woke”, so lean into some social issues for students to bond over.

The Tailgating/Sports Party

Sports are as relevant as ever before. College Football in particular continues to grow at a rapid rate. If your school has a team, support them! Throw a “Tailgate Bash” for an NFL game. Not into American Football? Host a viewing party at a house, dorm, or restaurant for your sport of choice. Cricket, Soccer, whatever! Spread the word about your party to attract more people with the same interests as you. Bring all your sports-inclined friends and have a great time! You could even use this as a get-together for fantasy football or something similar. Sports will likely always be a key part of the college experience, so don’t overlook it as a party idea!


The Study Party

Make studying more interesting by throwing wholesome study parties. Take it to the next level by having a game that rewards people that answer questions.  You could even collaborate on assignments (if your professors allow it!) or take turns reading the material from the chapter. Make learning a fun, playful, and relaxing experience that supplements lecture time well!

The Digital "Zoom" Party

This is the most easy idea ever. If you don’t have Zoom premium you can do a Google Meet for free. Invite your party goers, share your webcams, mics and screens and get to work partying. In 2020 and 2021 This was the most popular party idea. Lockdowns have shown us how uncertain life can be because of public health issues. In times like a lockdown, you can be a leader by hosting a digital party. You can “Digitize” any one of the ideas in this list. If you happen to go to an online school, even more power to you. digital college parties. What does this entail? It’s simple: people are not at a location for the party, but instead interact via Zoom or another platform.  watching the same content, playing online games, and having a good time! Get better grades by combining a Zoom Party with the Study Party idea above. You don’t need to be at the same location to study together. (and it may be inconvenient to travel for studying anyway).


You could extend this idea to  meet up with friends who have a common gaming interests. You can play party games while on a Google Meet. You can do a Dungeons And Dragons Campaign. There’s nothing wrong with being social in the digital space!


I love being 21 and alcohol sponsored zoom parties! Tag who u recognize LOL

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Remember Safety Comes Fist

The truth is that it is your responsibility that everyone is safe at your party and gets home safe. For instance 95,000 people die in the U.S. every year from causes related to it. The good news is that you can have a good time and be the young adult that you are, but don’t break any laws in the process. Be respectful of all people. Ensure that consent is present in anything that is undertaken at the party. If you suspect that someone is about be the victim of assault, it is your duty to interfere and save that person.  Do whatever is necessary before someone gets hurt. Don’t invite the wrong crowd to your party. If you lose control of your own party in this sense, call the police. Remember that you are liable for any damage to property and your fellow peers. Nobody wants a party to turn sour due to poor behavior or decision-making. We can have fun and even turn up the heat a bit without making people uncomfortable. And if you are uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to speak out! Communication is key and nobody should feel like they have to internalize a problem. We want these college parties and college party ideas to be fun for everyone, after all.

Don’t Forget Gifts!

College parties are more than flirting and dressing up. They are a way to meet new people and strengthen existing bonds. One of the best ways to do that is through gift giving. Here are some ideas:

  • Printed Photos Of Memories You Share
  • As Seen On TV products
  • Gift Cards

If you want the person to love you. A tutoring gift card is the way to go. They will be able to use your gift in a pinch when they need help to pass a class. They will think of your gift when they need some extra help on assignments and exams. The experts at TutorOcean will set up!

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We’re only scratching the surface of great party ideas in this article.  Here’s some other party ideas you may like:


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Give your gathering an edge with a  clever theme or defined intent. The last thing you’d want to do is confuse or bore people, after all. College is one of the most important times of your life, so don’t squander those four years. Embrace them!

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