How Do You Become a Math Tutor?

If you have a passion for teaching others and love math, becoming a tutor is easy. Earn your Maths degree first and get great marks (B+ or higher). Then sign up on tutoring platforms like TutorOcean. Your first step will be to decide which math courses you’d like to tutor. Then choose the age groups and grade levels you want to teach. Learn the curriculum and key concepts for those grade levels. Then write your profile like a product advertisement with all of your credentials. Students search for tutors who promise them tangible results. And lastly, establish your own teaching methods, tools, and eventually you will create your own materials over time as you get more experience working with students.

How Much Do Math Tutors Get Paid?

With TutorOcean, all tutors set their own hourly rates and schedules. All tutors have the flexibility and freedom to set their rates to get paid what they think is fair. Often new tutors will set rates lower to help start building out their clientele and build their profile with positive reviews. Becoming a great tutor takes time, but well worth it as it’s an opportunity to earn enough as a full-time wage or becoming a supplemental source of income, the choice and freedom is yours.

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Math Tutoring & Teaching FAQ’s

A private tutor helps their students learn basic math concepts like 'what is math?' to support a student throughout a complete school year math course. Students will usually require help covering additional support concepts, including math, science, physics, and more. No matter what subdiscipline of math you are teaching, a private tutor is expected to be well-rounded to ensure they can support the entire student's learning needs.

The costs of math tutors vary because they set their pay rates and time schedules. The industry average math tutor hourly pay is $28/hr. All tutors have the flexibility and freedom to set their rates to get paid what they think is fair. Often new tutors will set rates lower to help start building out their clientele and gain a few positive reviews to stand out. Becoming a great tutor takes time but is well worth it as it's an opportunity to earn enough as a full-time wage or become an excellent source for supplemental income. The choice and freedom are entirely yours. Spend the time to learn what other tutors are charging in your area, based upon their experience and education levels.

If you have a passion for teaching and love math, becoming a tutor is easy. You will need a diploma degree with great marks (B+ or higher) to start teaching at elementary school. You may need a higher degree in a specialist subject for higher-level math courses depending on the level you plan to teach.

With a high school degree, you can start teaching kindergarten and middle school grade levels math. For higher-level math courses, you should have a university or college degree. Lastly, some of our tutors help with specialized topics; therefore, taking that specialization and scoring a mark over 80% usually sets you up for success. You will find that 60% of our maths tutors have a bachelor’s degree, and about 5% have a master’s degree. 

With TutorOcean, we make teaching math online easy. We provide all our qualified tutors with a free online virtual learning platform. Our tutoring toolkit includes chat, video conferencing, and most importantly a collaborative whiteboard where images, concepts, files, and so much more can easily be shared and worked on collaboratively to make fully remote online tutoring possible. 

For high school math tutor jobs, we often have an undergraduate student help teach general math. For university school math tutor jobs, we recommend having at least excelled in the math course you are teaching. A peer tutor is sometimes preferred by certain students as they prefer to learn from someone who has recently gone through the course. While other students prefer a more experienced tutor for their academic support needs including those with more tutoring experience. Also be prepared to help a student learn other key areas to support their math learning needs including math, science, chemistry, and physics. Don't be surprised if your tutoring session also includes some writing tutoring to help a tutee learn key skills such as how to present their answers for chemistry class or how to better prepare for your math exam.

Math Tutors Use TutorOcean

  1. Easy to Start: Create your own free profile in minutes and get approved in two to five business days.
  2. Well Paid: You get to set your own rates for tutoring.
  3. Flexibility: Decide when you want to tutor.
  4. Convenience: Tutor online or in-person, or both!
  5. Global Reach: Students in 100+ countries.
  6. Marketing Support: Lead generation and training.
  7. Billing and Payments: We take care of all the hassle of collecting fees from students.
  8. Tutoring Management Tools: Scheduling and booking, to communicating with students.
  9. Virtual Learning Classroom: We supply all of our tutors with access to our free virtual learning platform with chat, video conferencing, and leading whiteboard collaborative tools where you can upload any materials you need to succeed with online teaching.
  10. World-Class Support: Our customer service team is here to help you and your students for free every step of the way, so do not hesitate to reach out to us!

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How the TutorOcean Tutoring Marketplace Works

Getting started with TutorOcean as a tutor is easy. Here are 5 simple steps:

  1. Start Your Application
    • Fill in some personal information.
    • Add your education and work experience.
    • Choose subjects you’d like to teach.
  1. Customize Your Profile
    • Add a headline and description.
    • Upload images and videos.
    • Choose your schedule and hourly rate.
  1. Connect with Students
    • Students use our search engine to view tutor profiles.
    • They can message and video chat live with you.
  1. Start Tutoring
    • Our booking & notification system makes scheduling easy.
    • Teach using our advanced online classroom, or teach in person.
    • We handle payments so you can focus on teaching.
  1. Promote Yourself
    • We are happy to help you with growing your tutoring efforts.
    • From tips on how to leverage social media to post your profiles on local classifieds and job boards.
    • Lastly, we can help you generate more reviews for your profile so you can stand out.

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