Guest Blog Submissions Guidelines

Thank you for considering submitting an article to the TutorOcean blog!

Before submitting, please carefully read the guidelines below to ensure your article meets the criteria and gets published faster!

Why do we have guidelines?

Our mission with the TutorOcean Blog is to provide useful tips, share experiences, promote best practices, and publish practical instructions to help millions to share and learn knowledge. Our readers include parents and students that span from kindergarten to university/college.


At the heart of every blog submitted by our awesome and thoughtful tutors, teachers, industry experts, and others, we simply ask what’s the main thing you’re trying to teach TutorOcean subscribers to do?

Every part of your post should be focused on enhancing the reader’s skill set. So please aim to provide actionable insights throughout the article so the reader feels they got value from the article after reading it.

The article MUST have:

  • Minimum 800 words, preferably 1,200+ words (on average, a good blog post contains 1,400+ words)
  • At least three subheadings
  • Links to two or more external 3rd party resources (think industry helpful stats)
  • At least one link to a study, research report, or survey stats
  • Include a short 2-4 sentences summary about you as the author plus submit a headshot to be included as your author bio (if you are a tutor we will link back to your tutor profile)
  • Absolutely must be original content (no plagiarism or previously published material including your own website)
  • No links to third party advertising or affiliate links (we reserve the right to review and edit, add links)
  • No links to other competing marketplaces or service providers

Why the long list of criteria?

We have created the list above, as we know what it takes to give your content the best opportunity to rank high in Google’s Search Algorithm. There is a lot of great content out there and we want you to have the best opportunity to rank as high as possible. It seems long-form, well-researched content is ranking the best these days!

Please consider including the following (not mandatory but articles with these types of additional information get more views on our blog):

  • One table, chart, graph, or embedded video
  • At least one quote from an expert
  • At least one concrete example from your own life
  • A list or step by step instructions

Next Steps

  1. Submit your blog to
  2. You will hear back from our team in 5 business days or less.
  3. You will be notified whether or not your blog has been accepted.
    • If yes, your blog will be posted within 5-7 business days.
    • If no, you will receive some feedback on why we were unable to accept your post and you will be encouraged to submit again! We want you to succeed.
  4. We will notify you via email when it has been posted and always encourage you to share it on all your social media channels to gain early traction. This will prompt Google’s algorithm to work in your favour. 
  5. You rock! Please don’t hesitate to submit more to us. If you are ever unsure on what to submit, feel free to pitch a couple of ideas and we would be more than happy to help you figure things out.

TutorOcean Promotion of Content – Disclaimer:

We love great content and so do our readers and followers. Depending on the volume, submitted blogs may get included in our social media, newsletters and other channels. We try not to overwhelm our readers and love to maximize your visibility because your success helps drives student success and that’s what motivates all of us here at TutorOcean.

Final note: To help maximize the visibility and success of your submission, TutorOcean’s SEO marketing team will usually make some minor adjustments as well as link your blog to other pages to help increase views.

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