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7 Awesome Math Tools to Help Learn Multiplication Tables

For children just learning multiplication or older students who need to brush up on their times table skills, memorizing multiplication tables can be quite difficult and tedious.

Multiplication can be a tough math skill to master. And if you or your student want to excel at math at a high school or university level, it’s vital to completely grasp the core fundamentals of multiplication. Luckily, you have some options available.

We found seven fantastic online resources for learning multiplication tools. These digital math tools are perfect for both children and older students who need to memorize their times tables.

Plus, all of these resources are completely free and perfect for studying over the summer break. Check out these awesome digital math tools below!

Free digital math tools to help learn your multiplication tables

Free digital math tools can be massively helpful when it comes to studying math. However, if you really want to excel in math, your best option would be to invest in a high school math tutor online. A top-quality math tutor from TutorOcean will be better equipped to help your child memorize their time tables. Just as well, a tutor can offer your student different methods and strategies to absorb math concepts that simple study tools simply won’t be able to. Regardles, these seven digital math tools would fit perfectly into an excellent supplementary study plan for your student!

Math is Fun – Learn Your Multiplication Tables

This website is an excellent supplementary resource for any student of any level who wants to excel in math. From algebra to data to geometry, Math is Fun is a handy resource that many teachers and tutors will use to help their students master a new math concept. The platform’s times table page is an excellent tool for memorizing one’s times tables. This table goes from numbers 1 to 12 and offers an easy-to-navigate interface for looking up answers to various multiplication problems. This page also comes in a free printable form.

Multiplication Tables by BrainSoft Apps

Phone and tablet apps are great digital resources for students of all ages. For older students who don’t necessarily need to learn very visually, BrainSoft’s multiplication table math learn app is a great little tool to have on hand while studying. With this app, you can learn the multiplication table from 1 to 10 in less than three days. This app also offers practicing games and mini quizzes that mimic flashcards, so you can study on the go. You can even check your progress and set multiplication learning goals for yourself. Choose from three different exercises to study on a daily basis to finally memorize your multiplication tables!

Times Tables: Mental Math Games for Kids by Mobilaxy

Another great app to try out is Mobilaxy’s times table app! This free app is designed for children, so we’d recommend using this tool to help a second or third grade student memorize their times tables. This gamified app is highly visual, colorful, and eye-catching– but not in a way that will distract your student from their studies. This app is unique that it offers timed racing games to help your student recall multiplication formulas and answers quickly, thus helping them memorize the patterns of multiplication problems.

Multiplication Kids Math Multiplication Tables by RV App Studios

If you have a particularly young student who is just beginning to learn basic multiplication problems, this app from RV App Studios is a great one to try. This app is compatible with both tablets and smartphone devices, but we recommend using this app on a tablet and supervising your young student while using it. This app is very simple and basic, but uses bright colors and visually eye-catching graphics to help small children pay attention.

If you or your student are struggling to memorize one row or column in your times tables, this website is the perfect digital math tool to try! is a basic and user-friendly webpage that lets you select times tables by their numbers. For example, if you are struggling to memorize your 8 times tables, simply select the “8 times table” tab to see a full overview of this column and to practice each problem in sequence. Once you’re satisfied with your progress, you can return to the home page and try out some speed tests and earn a multiplication tables diploma, as well as play some fun multiplication games.


SplashLearn is a popular online tool that parents, teachers, and tutors alike use to help their students practice math concepts outside of tutoring hours. In fact, many public schools use SplashLearn in the classroom and a teaching aid. Parts of this program are free to use, though more advanced lessons will require a premium membership. Essentially, this digital tool is a gamified online learning platform designed to teach young children a variety of different subjects, one being math. For second and third graders, this is a great tool to use to help them memorize their multiplication tables and actually feel motivated to “win.”

With SplashLearn, you can learn second and third grade level multiplication basics, as well as divisions, times tables, and fractions. We recommend using SplashLearn as a study aid when your student is spending some time studying or doing their homework.

MM Practice

Are you in need of a simple, straight-to-the-point tool for studying times tables? This webpage from Math Mammoth is the perfect tool to use. Ideal for older students and adults who want to brush up on their multiplication skills, this page allows one to practice any combination of multiplication tables. You can easily practice a single table or several tables at once. You also have the option of timing yourself to see how fast you can recall different answers as well.

How was our list of excellent free digital math tools to help you or your child learn multiplication tables? Tell us which tool helped you the most in the comments below! If you’re interested in becoming a math tutor with TutorOcean, check out our guide to 5 ways to be a better math tutor!

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